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Optimal Gut Health is the Cornerstone  of Overall Well-being

Discover the immense value of a tailored gut health program. Juanita’s programs go beyond digestion, emphasizing the crucial role of a balanced gut ecosystem in overall wellness. Join Juanita to explore the benefits of an optimized gut, supporting immune function, energy levels, mood and weight management. 

Embrace this journey toward holistic wellness and vitality through our specialized gut health programs. 

Common Symptoms of a Tox-sick Colon & Digestive System 

The right gut health program can change your life! By clearing out toxic waste, relieving the inflammatory cascade, and balancing the entire microbiome, the entire body can repair and restore, rejuvenating your health in the process.

The following symptoms are all linked to poor gut health:

  • Chronic pain, such as joint pain, muscle aches, and headaches
  • Constant fatigue that does not seem to go away
  • Recurring digestive issues, including bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation
  • Skin problems such as eczema, acne, and rashes
  • Recurring infections and other signs of a weakened immune system, like frequent colds and flus
  • Difficulty losing or maintaining your weight
  • Feeling disengaged with life, “blah,” or struggling with negative emotions
  • Fertility problems, including irregular periods and low libido
  • Sleep issues, such as trouble falling asleep and waking frequently during the night
  • Food cravings, especially for addictive foods like sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, resulting in late-night eating

Even just a few days on the proper program can be enough to see some of these symptoms resolve.

A Happy Belly means a Happy Life

In addition to improving your gut health performance, you may experience:

  • An abundance of energy
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • Physically feel lighter with greater ease of movement
  • More feelings of happiness and joy
  • A positive and optimistic outlook on life
  • Renewed focus on personal health and wellness
  • Feeling empowered to make better food choices
  • Glowing skin and a youthful aura

I just recently finished Juanita’s 21-day Wellness Cleanse and have never felt better. I dropped close to 10 pounds, but more importantly my sleep, anxiety, and general well-being have improved tremendously. Thank you Juanita for helping me to recharge my system and let go of old habits!

Nikki S.

Colon Hydrotherapy Supports Gut Health Cleansing

The addition of colon hydrotherapy sessions to a gut health program can greatly improve the effectiveness and results your hard work. They are a huge missing link in most programs due to a lack of understanding and awareness of this powerful modality.  They can assist with the removal of the waste build up as well as potential stagnation triggered by a gut health or cleanse program.

Please consult with your colon hydrotherapist and state regulations regarding the addition of colonics for these purposes.

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Our Gut Health Programs

Here at Radiance Health Center, we offer a number of different cleanse programs, each one professionally curated to offer a different approach in supporting your body’s ability to detoxify and restore it’s natural thriving state of balance.

The Radiance Wellness Cleanse (21 Days)

Cleanse and purify your body without deprivation for 21 days and create real and lasting change from the inside out

This food-based cleanse is a gentle, yet deeply powerful program. It is designed to offer a more manageable approach to cleansing that integrates seamlessly into your normal life while helping you build new healthier habits around food, meal timing, self-care, and general day to day living. It incorporates many facets of traditional cleansing programs such as plant based eating, supplements, and smoothies with opt-ins such as the introduction of animal protein and juicing at key points along the way.

The Radiance Wellness Cleanse is a fantastic option that will help you slowly and effortlessly build new healthy habits all while relieving the burden of toxin overload. This is an empowering cleanse designed to help you build confidence and a wellness mindset that will transform your approach to your life moving forward.

This cleanse will help you:

  • Experience detoxification without deprivation
  • Activate your body’s own ability to heal itself
  • Lose excess weight
  • Set the stage for detecting hidden food sensitivities that may be causing ongoing health problems
  • Identify hidden ways we are exposed to toxins
  • Eliminate bad habits that contribute to fatigue and lower quality of life
  • Feel more confident in your ability to achieve your highest state of personal wellness

This program includes everything you need for your 3 week cleanse, including protocol, recipes, supplements, a pre-cleanse checklist, motivational tips, and more. We highly recommend colon hydrotherapy while cleansing as it helps your body eliminate the constant release of waste and toxic buildup due to the cleanse process. We include a recommended schedule for colonics during this cleanse which any certified colon hydrotherapist can refer to if you are not in Austin, TX.

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The Kickstart Cleanse (7 days)
When all you need is a little reset

A shorter version of the Radiance Wellness Cleanse, the Kickstart cleanse is the perfect choice if you want a quick reset. It will literally give you the motivation to “start again.” This cleanse will fit easily and effortlessly into your normal life. It is an ideal seasonal cleanse option and can be repeated quarterly for accumulative benefits.

This cleanse will help you:

The Kickstart Cleanse also focuses on a whole food, plant based diet with the addition of daily nutrient rich delicious smoothies.

This program includes the cleanse protocol, food list, supplements and a pre-cleanse checklist. We highly recommend colon hydrotherapy while cleansing as it helps your body eliminate the constant release of waste and toxic buildup due to the cleanse process. We include a recommended schedule for colonics during this cleanse which any certified colon hydrotherapist can refer to if you are not in Austin, TX.

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Bootcamp Juice Cleanse (10 days)
Transform your life with the most powerful cleanse program we offer

The Bootcamp Cleanse is a truly transformative experience. This 10 day juice cleanse takes the concept of deep cellular cleansing to the next level with a combination of organic juices, key high-quality supplements, colon hydrotherapy, and ozone sauna. Additional work around intention and goal setting is provided, as is recommendations for additional supportive modalities and bodywork.

This comprehensive cleanse is comparable to programs you would find in wellness resorts and luxury health spas around the world. Many clients take time out of their everyday lives to travel to Austin to do this cleanse. The addition of a 3-day pre-cleanse protocol means that this cleanse will need to be your #1 priority for 2 weeks.

Juice cleanses help the body release more stored toxins than food-based cleanses of the same duration, but can be more intense, especially if your diet typically contains high amounts of gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, or other highly processed foods. The addition of the pre-cleanse protocol helps to mitigate initial discomfort found in this process so once you start, the organic juices deliver easy-to-absorb nutrients directly to your body, revitalizing your tissues and jump-starting your body’s natural detoxification processes almost instantly.

Participants of this cleanse receive all the benefits of the other programs we offer, plus so much more. Often there is a complete shift in understanding and appreciation for what one puts in their body, mind, and personal life experience. A great sense of empowerment and confidence is found along with the improvement in mental focus, energy and sense of joy in their day-to-day lives. Clients who undertake this cleanse often report increased energy, improved mental focus and concentration, increased vitality, and greater sense of joy in their day-to-day lives.

This program includes the full cleanse protocol with supporting literature and recommendations for additional supportive modalities, a 3 day pre-cleanse protocol, and supplements. We highly recommend colon hydrotherapy while cleansing as it helps your body eliminate the constant release of waste and toxic buildup due to the cleanse process. We include a recommended schedule for colonics during this cleanse which any certified colon hydrotherapist can refer to if you are not in Austin, TX.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Would I benefit from a cleanse?

In today’s modern world, where food quality is compromised, environmental toxins are everywhere, stress is high, and lifestyles are out of balance with nature, most people greatly benefit from cleansing. A targeted program gives our bodies a break from the continuous overload we experience and allows a chance to rest, repair damage, and heal our entire body-mind system.

It is heavily researched and proven that toxic buildup in the body can also trigger health challenges and ongoing symptoms. Removing this waste via cleansing has unlimited benefits including helping to reduce symptoms of dis-ease, restoring your vitality, and improving overall health and well-being.

Is cleansing difficult?

Cleansing can be a challenging experience for some people due to the Herxheimer reaction — a temporary increase in detox symptoms while your body processes and removes increased amounts of toxins. During a cleanse, your body may experience an initial large die-off of internal pathogens and release of built up toxins trapped in your tissues and cells, and has to process them out via detoxification pathways such as your liver, colon, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, and skin. 

This added toxic load can lead to symptoms such as digestive discomfort, nausea, heachaches, joint pain, minor rashes, and fatigue. These symptoms should pass quickly, within a few days, and are a sign your body has gone through an initial purging process. 

The severity of these symptoms varies, but is quite common, especially for a first cleanse  — even more so if your diet up until now has included large amounts of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and other processed foods. That said, please do not let fear of a Herxheimer reaction keep you from cleansing!

The cleanse programs available at Radiance Health Center have been refined over the past 15 years to provide the safest, most easy-to-follow and effective cleanse experiences possible. We want you to cleanse, and we are rooting for your success.

How often should I cleanse?

We recommend periodic cleanse programs for all clients at Radiance Health Center, as routine cleansing is an integral part of any true holistic health lifestyle. As awareness grows, cleanses and detox programs have now become key elements in most doctor prescribed Functional Medicine protocols. The power of deep cellular and systemic cleansing is now very well understood world-wide with current studies in the fields of anti-aging and mental health. 

The season changes of spring and fall are generally the best time of year to undertake a cleanse, however any time you’re having a health issue, experience symptoms of imbalance or dis-ease in your body, feel fatigued, overweight, or ready to make a change, is an ideal time to cleanse.

Can I exercise during a cleanse?

Yes, in fact movement and exercise are encouraged during cleanse programs as it helps activate the lymphatic system, circulate the blood, release endorphins, and helps the body secrete waste and toxins through sweat. However, it is wise to listen to your body while cleansing and stay away from extreme workouts or any type of exercise that leaves you feeling exhausted. While some exercise is beneficial, your body is doing deep processing while cleansing and pushing yourself with extreme workouts will take energy away from cleansing and is not recommended. 

How long will my results last?

Cleanse results vary, and how long they last is largely determined on how you proceed after your cleanse. If you continue to create and choose new, healthier habits, your positive cleanse results will continue long past the end of the cleanse. Your health will continue to improve as long as you do not go back to your former lifestyle choices.

We understand that change can be difficult. Turning around a lifetime of coping strategies, addictive foods, and ways of living can take repeated attempts at cleansing with baby steps of  positive change between each program. This is normal and realistic. This is why we encourage clients to embrace cleansing as a lifestyle choice that they will embark on routinely and periodically.  

What is the difference between a cleanse program and an elimination diet? ?

While they may look similar, elimination diets and cleanse programs are not the same. The purpose of a cleanse program is to help your body detoxify, ridding itself of stored toxins and waste build-up and restoring your natural vitality and ability to heal. 

The purpose of an elimination diet is to discover which foods trigger symptoms and contribute to a variety of health issues. This is done by removing and restricting commonly problematic food and food groups, and slowly reintroducing them over time, to isolate and identify the specific foods that are causing an immune reaction in your body. 

Cleanses are often done over much shorter periods of time (elimination diets are often 3-6 months) and, while it is very likely you will have a greater awareness of foods that generate discomfort after a cleanse, that is not the goal of the program.  

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