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At Radiance Health Center, we believe that you are the authority on your body, life, and health. That’s why every session is an act of partnership between you and our skilled staff members. We share our expert knowledge with you, and customize all of our services so that they can best meet your individual health goals.

Your body has an incredible capacity to naturally heal itself. It is always seeking balance and to achieve its inherent state of wholeness. All of our leading-edge holistic services are synergistically designed to support and expand your capacity to thrive from the inside-out.Whether we are working together on a gut health protocol, cleanse program, personal health transformation, or simply supporting your DIY efforts to improve your own health, our services can help support you on any step on your path to wellness. We are here to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

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Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle irrigation of the colon using triple-filtered water to remove impacted waste and accumulated toxic build up. Cleansing the colon has both immediate and long-term benefits, as it may improve your body’s natural ability to eliminate waste efficiently, strengthen peristalsis, improve motility and reshape the colon if it was displaced from impactions.

Our founder’s Restorative Colonics combine traditional colonics with breathwork, digestive release massage, and intention setting to further enhance your cleansing and leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and restored.

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Cleanse programs help clear and detoxify the cells and systems of the body, clearing out accumulated waste and other cellular debris to support the body in healing itself. They are a powerful tool with the potential to completely revitalize you and rejuvenate your health in the process.

At Radiance Health Center, we have been refining our cleanse programs for the past 15 years to provide the safest, most easy-to-follow and effective cleanse experiences possible. Even just a few days on a cleanse program can be enough to experience radical shifts in your health.

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To understand what is manifesting as digestive issues, we not only need to look at what’s happening inside your body, we need  to look at your life as a whole rather than get laser focused on a specific symptoms.

And since the gut is truly the foundation of health, most of our consultations start by exploring your gut health and diet. Food sensitivities, chronic digestive issues, headaches, joint pain, chronic inflammation, and many more, can all stem from gut health imbalances and can be impacted by many different factors, including toxin load, stress, immune health, and overall lifestyle choices.



Finally get answers to your gut issues, with our 1-on-1 Digestive Wellness + Functional Nutrition Consultations. These solution-focused, empowering conversations are designed to reveal the true source of your digestive issues, constipation, bloating, low energy and excess weight. We take a root cause approach, which includes determining the best diet for your body, looking at food sensitivities, cleansing bowel and liver, managing stress and re-prioritizing lifestyle choices

 Many common topics addressed are cleansing, weight loss, leaky gut, chronic inflammation, autoimmune conditions, adrenal fatigue, and body image. You will walk away with action steps to implement immediately and a plan for continued, progressive steps to create the real momentum needed for your transformation.



Somatic Experiencing (SE) offers an easy and gentle way to work with the deep wisdom held inner body to repair and resolve the ruptures and un-healed survival responses that can happen due to stressful events. It is as if an event continues to “live in our body” until it is given the proper attention, time and setting to process and heal. Very often we were not offered what was needed “in the moment” to heal. As a result, we stay disconnected to our full life force and healthiest version of self.  

SE is a guided internal experience, organic in nature and curated in the present moment to the specific needs of the client. No two sessions are alike. Ultimately, it is an embodiment modality, in which the client gently and gradually moves through “feeling & sensing” what is happening in their body as a healing process emerges. It can be a powerful reconnection after an event (or multiple events), cause the nervous system to get stuck in an un-resolved stress response.



Ozone therapies, such as ozone saunas and insufflations, have been extensively researched and are a safe and effective treatment for promoting whole-body wellness and vitality. Ozone is known to help improve circulation, boost your immune system, aid in detoxification, boost metabolism, and more.

Bathe your skin in ozone-infused steam in our ozone sauna for a refreshing and cleansing detoxification experience, or target specific tissues with ear or nasal insufflations and discover the powerful potential of this invigorating little molecule for yourself.

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The lymphatic system is a critical — and often overlooked — part of your immune and detoxification systems. Composed of a network of vessels, organs, and nodes, the lymphatic system carries lymph fluid throughout your body, from node to node, while also eliminating waste, excess fluid, and other unwanted materials such as bacteria and toxins.

A deeply relaxing experience, lymphatic massage (also known as lymphatic drainage massage) uses a series of light, gentle touches to stimulate the lymphatic system. These light touches open the lymph vessels and encourage the natural flow of lymph fluid throughout the body.



Lab tests and panels (stool, urine, blood) give practitioners an inside look at  the inner workings of your body. Specific test results and labs can identify potential imbalances that may possibly lead to health issues down the road.

While only a doctor can diagnose disease and prescribe medicine, some holistic practitioners can view and address the tests that point to potential areas of imbalances.

We offer several in-house tests (ALCAT, GIMAP, OAT/MycoTox/GPLTox, and can refer you to a licensed practitioner if deeper functional blood work (hormones, etc) is indicated. 


WE ARE Here For You

At Radiance Health Center our mission is to empower your greatness. To guide you to achieve your individual health goals — no matter your current state of wellness. If you’ve looked through our website and have further questions about our services and if they are suitable for your health needs, please contact us directly.

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