• I-ACT & Board Certified
    Colon Hydrotherapist
  • Somatic Wellness Practitioner
  • Holistic Functional Nutrition Consultant
  • Applied Clinical Nutritionist
  • Certified Clinical Herbalist
  • Licensed Bodywork Therapist

Juanita Watson

Founder, Radiance Health Center

As a multi-disciplinary healing arts practitioner, Juanita embodies a holistic approach to not only wellness, but life as a whole. She believes that all parts of our lives affect the whole, and that a healthy body, positive mindset, balanced emotions, loving relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, spiritual practice, and time for rejuvenation are essential for true holistic health — the kind which encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Her personal and professional 30+ year health journey has led to a profound appreciation for the human body’s natural ability to heal itself, proving that true wellness and healing happen from the inside out.

Juanita did her first juice cleanse over 30 years ago, at one of the original cleansing facility in the world, the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, CA It formed her foundational understanding around food and our body, holistic practices, detoxification and vibrant health. This led her to a lifelong passion of alternative health and holistic wellness. After experiencing a colonic herself, Juanita felt how it shifted every system in her body, and it planted the initial seeds that would become her eventual life calling.

After receiving her massage license in 1996, Juanita accepted a position as Lead Massage Therapist at The Pavilion, a Canadian owned addictions treatment facility located in the mountains of North Carolina. While at The Pavilion, Juanita took her initial colon hydrotherapy training and opened one of the first colonic businesses in Asheville, North Carolina. During that time, her passion for herbalism, nutrition and spiritual healing really took root and she began her formal studies which would later turn into the model of wellness she now offers in her office.

After moving back to Austin, Texas, Juanita founded Radiance Health Center where she strives to help her clients fall back in love with their lives and create lasting changes that empower them to thrive. Her clients frequently praise her warm, caring demeanor, her extensive knowledge, and personalized approach to holistic wellness. By providing access to the wealth of knowledge she’s compiled over the years Juanita strives to empower her clients to make changes that will help them successfully move towards their personal health goals.

Gut health issues are especially close to Juanita’s heart, as she suffered with chronic digestive issues from when she was a child through her late twenties. Despite trying various healing diet protocols over the years, none of them helped. It was only when she made some seemingly counterintuitive changes to her diet that her health started to improve. This inspired her to dive into a deep understanding of personalized nutrition where she ultimately was led to Holistic Nutrition studies.

Juanita does not believe that any particular diet or way of eating is one-size-fits-all, as every person has unique biochemistry, and thus vastly different nutritional needs. And until those needs are met, we cannot bring our bodies back into their natural balance, where they have the power to heal and restore themselves.

Growing up in Northern Alberta, Canada, surrounded by wilderness, Juanita was able to experience a deep closeness to the land which has played a large role in her love of travel. Connecting to new places and experiencing nature lights up her soul — especially the ocean. Many of her travels revolve around being able to swim in and experience the ocean from different shores.

She discovered the enchanting island of Jamaica in 2002 and it became her “home away from home” for 10 years. It was her studies of the powerful herbal plants that are an integral part of Jamaica’s traditional culture and really inspired her deep love for herbal medicine. In more recent years, Juanita has started expanding her travels, seeking new experiences and ways to connect to other cultures. She has explored Italy, Spain, Peru, and is currently enamored with Tulum and the Yucatan area of Mexico.

She discovered holotropic breathwork (a modality that uses specific breathwork patterns to alter mental, emotional, and physical states, and creating feelings of personal empowerment) after a shamanic journey in Peru, where she realized that the breathwork experience could be just as, if not more powerful, than plant medicine. Since her return, she has been immersing herself in various breathwork practices that continue to reveal just how powerful our bodies really are.

In addition to travel, Juanita’s hobbies include gardening, sound healing, and hot yoga. She has 4 antique Tibetan bowls — each over 200 years old — along with crystal bowls and other instruments. Hot yoga and sound healing have become true passions of hers. She now offers sound baths for clients when she can and, when hot yoga studios shut down due to the pandemic, she turned an unused room into her own personal hot yoga studio.

Her clients include professional athletes, celebrities, and high-profile individuals, and she has a special passion for supporting clients who are 100% ready to make deep and powerful changes to their lives. She strives to ensure that every client walks away from a session feeling better both physically and about their lives as a whole, by developing a deep and powerful connection to their bodies, their joy, and their own creative force — including their ability to heal themselves. She offers telehealth consults for out-of-town and international clients via Zoom.



Juanita has been been studying alternative healing modalities since 1990 and holds the following accreditations:

  • I-ACT and National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist (US & International)
  • Holistic Functional Nutrition Consultant (Hawthorn University, California)
  • Applied Clinical Nutritionist  (Texas Chiropractic College, Texas)
  • Certified Clinical Herbalist (Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, Arizona)
  • Licensed Bodywork Therapist (LMT, Texas)
  • Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher (w/ Jenn Wooten, Austin TX)
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner ( 2021- currently enrolled, 3 yr training)

She also has formal training with:

  • Co-Active Professional Coach Training – Co-Active Training Institute (U.S.)
  • Holotropic Breathwork – Grof Transpersonal Training (U.S and Spain)
  • Peruvian Shamanism – Living the Art of Ceremony Apprenticeship w/ Mateo Magee (Austin, TX)
  • Juice Cleanse/Raw Foods at the Optimum Health Institute (15+visits, San Diego, CA & Austin, TX)
  • Gong Therapy – Mehtab Benton (Austin, Texas)
  • Reiki (Austin, TX and Mt. Shasta, CA)
  • Outdoor Herbalism – Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine (Austin, TX)
  • Science and Art of Herbalism – Sage Mountain Herbal Center
  • Meditation Instructor and Energy Healing – North Carolina School of Natural Healing (Asheville, NC)

She is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and is continually seeking out continuing education to expand her skillset and support her clients in healing body, mind, and spirit.


           Our Clients

Juanita is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and always goes to great lengths to make sure I feel comfortable and at ease. I was suffering from chronic constipation and was feeling terrible. Juanita truly cared about helping me get relief and heal. I’m so thankful for the work she does. I look forward to my next visit!


I started seeing Juanita a few years ago. Since I have been going to see her, I have felt more of a difference in my gut and overall mental health than any other practitioner, doctor, healer, you name it. Whatever you go to see the magical Juanita for, you leave her office a better person than you entered. She has healed and reconnected myself with my body more than I thought was attainable, and through that, empowered myself in more ways than I considered possible. To say I’m grateful for Juanita feels like a bit of an understatement, she has truly changed and healed me beyond my imagination.


I am a longstanding client for a reason.  Juanita has offered tools and  practices to maintain a healthy, happy and nutritious lifestyle which have been impactful in all areas of my life. I look forward to sessions because of the positive energy Juanita emits along with her sophisticated and multi faceted knowledge surrounding health.

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