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Colon Hydrotherapy is water irrigation of the colon to remove impacted waste and accumulated toxic build up. Is it a very safe, low-impact treatment that dates all the way back to ancient Greece and Egypt, and has many powerful health benefits.

Colon Hydrotherapy is gaining popularity in recent years, and can now be found in health and wellness centers throughout the US, and it is common to see colonics as a foundational modality at detox/cleanse resorts, integrative wellness clinics, and health spas worldwide.

Primary Elimination Pathway In Your Body

In order to maintain good health and optimal wellness, your body must effectively process food and eliminate bodily waste. Your large intestine or colon — a muscular tube approximately 5 feet in length — is an essential organ that eliminates toxins and metabolic waste through a bowel movement.

Together with your lungs, skin, and kidneys, the colon is one of the natural detoxification organs in your body.

The main functions of the colon are the absorption of water and minerals, and the formation and elimination of bowel movements through muscular contractions called peristalsis. It also houses the microbiome, a colony of hundreds of varieties of microflora including healthy bacteria to aid digestion, promote vital nutrient production, help to maintain pH balance, promote immune health and prevent proliferation of harmful bacteria.

The Foundation of True Health

A person with a healthy colon will have 2 to 3 bowel movements per day, with the process of digestion from ingestion of food to a bowel movement taking between 12 to 24 hours. However, due to various factors including poor diet, dehydration, lack of exercise, alcohol intake, certain medications and stress, your colon may temporarily lessen its ability to properly eliminate all waste from the gastrointestinal tract.

Impacted waste, constipation, and trapped gas can stretch out the colon’s natural shape, further impeding peristalsis. Peristalsis is the natural rhythmic contraction that moves a bowel movement through your colon. Slow motility or peristalsis is a very common issue that leads many to seek help from a licensed gastroenterologist.

Infrequent bowel movements also cause a back up of toxic by-products in the colon, and this environment allows bad bacteria and yeasts to thrive. Through a process called ‘autointoxication’ these toxic substances can be transported back into the bloodstream where the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and liver have to filter and reprocess this material.

“Every tissue in the body is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, so are the organs and tissues. It is the bowel that must be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.”


A Rejuvenation Treatment That ImpactsYour Entire Body

Colon hydrotherapy gently breaks down, softens and removes impacted waste restoring the colon’s natural function.

Colon hydrotherapy may help:

  • Cleanse the colon of impacted waste so it can no longer harm your body or inhibit assimilation and elimination process.Even debris built up over a long period of time can be broken loose during a series of colonics.
  • Hydrate your entire body, rejuvenating your cells, as the lining of colon will reabsorb some of the water used during your session. This extra hydration can help soften and loosen hard, impacted waste that has adhered to the walls of the colon.
  • Stimulate reflex points that connect the colon and nervous system (gut/brain) to every other system and organ in the body, affecting these other systems in a beneficial way.
  • Exercise the muscles of the colon, strengthening them, and improving peristalsis. This allows you to eliminate toxins more easily and frequently by consistently, and smoothly passing waste, which benefits your entire body.
  • Allow the colon to resume its natural shape through the elimination of bulging pockets of waste, restoring its natural position within the body.

After a colon hydrotherapy treatment, along with feelings of lightness, you might experience:

Clearer and more radiant skin
Increased physical and mental energy
Ease of movement and relief from joint pain
Reduced inflammation and associated symptoms
More regular bowel movements that are easier to pass
Less gas, bloating, and digestive problems
More joy in your day-to-day life

For full instructions on how to get the most benefit from your colon hydrotherapy session at Radiance Health Center, please see our Prepare for a Session page and our Post-Session Care page.

Restorative Colonics
cleanse body, mind and spirit

The colonic sessions Juanita offers at Radiance Health Center are an exclusive method that she has developed from her 30+ years experience in the field of colon hydrotherapy. They go beyond a typical colon hydrotherapy experience to facilitate the reconnection of body, mind and spirit.

Restorative colonics are about relaxing, breathing, and letting go; bringing awareness into the body and being present with the release process. Breathwork is key to these sessions – long, slow deep breathing that relaxes the nervous system, shifting and resolving patterns of stress held in the tissues while the colon gently releases waste and toxic material from your body.

Juanita also utilizes many standard yet customized techniques such as slow flow method of filling, soaking, temperature changes, digestive release massage with essential oils, and body placement to gently and effectively offer you the most powerful colonic possible.

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“I have found that clients have their best releases when they are relaxed, mindful of their breath, and aware of what is happening in their body. This restful state reconnects the gut and brain, and has the ability to facilitate much deeper releasing and restoration to the entire nervous system.

The digestive system can not function optimally when we are detached from what is happening in our body. Most people live from their minds and store stress in their belly, and this has never been more true than the current times.”

The goal with my Restorative colon hydrotherapy sessions is not only to “get waste out”, but is to facilitate a reconnection of this body-mind communication system, rather than contribute to a pattern of disconnection. ”

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& Getting Your Prescription

Every state, province, or country has differing regulations around the profession of colon hydrotherapy. Texas requires that you must have a prescription on file with your colon hydrotherapist. We are pleased to have a long-standing Board Certified Texas Medical Doctor serving as our Medical Director who assists with fulfilling this requirement for all of our clients. This prescription process will be covered in your first visit, and renewed every 6 months. See FAQ below for indications and contraindications for colonics in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is a colonic a colon cleanse?

That depends on what you mean by a colon cleanse. The purpose of colon hydrotherapy — also known as a colonic — is to cleanse the colon by using purified water to loosen and remove impacted waste and flush out toxins. There are various supplements that are labeled “colon cleanse” and they are basically laxative teas or pills that stimulate the colon to expel waste. There are official “colon cleanse programs” that may include laxatives, supplements, dietary changes and an official program to follow.

How should I prepare for a colonic?

For our full list of recommendations, please refer to our Prepare For a Session page

In general, a few days before your appointment, we recommend eating as many high-water content foods as possible (fruits and vegetables) and cutting down on processed foods. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. The day of your colonic eat light and stop food 2-3 hrs before your session. Please also avoid drinking liquids 1 hour before to avoid a full bladder during your session.

What should I do after a colonic?

After a session, you can go about the rest of your day as you normally would, however we recommend that you eat light foods that are easy on your digestive system, drink lots of water after your session, and do not exercise for 2-3 hrs.

You can find more recommendations on our Post Session Care page

What type of machine do you use?

We use the state-of-the-art “FDA Cleared” Dotolo Toxygen Model BSC-UV hydrotherapy machine. The Dotolo system is considered the gold standard unit in the industry, and is the exact same model our founder Juanita had her first colonic on. That treatment was so life changing for her, she continues to use the same machine today to change her clients’ lives.

Closed pressure systems like the Dotolo are extremely gentle and very effective in the hands of a skilled practitioner. They provide an unparalleled level of control, allowing for the deepest, gentlest colon cleansing experience. There is much controversy of the safety and efficacy of differing colon hydrotherapy machines. The truth is, there is no comparison to the results you may receive on a closed system machine offered by a highly skilled, professional colon hydrotherapist with a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and the language of the digestive system.

What is the difference between an open or closed system?

While both open and closed colon hydrotherapy systems will cleanse the colon of impacted waste, they are vastly different experiences.

In a closed system, the colon hydrotherapist manages the entire process, adjusting the water’s flow and pressure as needed, and fine-tuning the session for the deepest releasing possible. There are two separate tubes: one for the water flow into your body, and the other to carry the waste and water out. This closed system of tubing allows the entire process to happen discreetly, without offensive odors, noises, or waste to clean up, and offers an incredibly stressless and gentle experience with less potential embarrassment to the client. The closed system also does not require pushing by the client as it is designed to effectively engage natural peristalsis.

In an open colon hydrotherapy system, there is only a water tube that is inserted into your colon. You are instructed on how to manage the machine yourself and left in the room to perform the session. You are physically engaged in the release process as you have to actively push the releases out and they go into a chute that has to be manually cleaned afterwards. Odors and noises occur during this type of treatment and there is often little personalized attention given by the colon hydrotherapist.

Here at Radiance Health we use a closed system as our colon hydrotherapists find it gives them more control over the session, allowing for a deeper cleansing, and leaves our clients feeling more refreshed, energized, and lighter after treatment.

Do you take insurance for colonics?

Even though a prescription is required in Texas to receive colon hydrotherapy, most insurance companies do not cover this service. We are a cash pay clinic and do not offer insurance options.

Will it hurt?

No, colon hydrotherapy is a gentle, relaxing experience. You may feel a gentle pressure, as well as a feeling of deep release several times throughout the procedure as the impacted waste is broken down and flushed from your body.

Will I be left in the room alone?

You will not be left alone in the room. Juanita will be there with you, guiding you through the session. In addition to working the colon hydrotherapy machine, she will also be guiding you back to a state of relaxation and your breath to switch you from sympathetic nervous system dominance (fight or flight response), back into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response)

What kind of water do you use?

We use only the cleanest and safest water for our colonic treatments. The Dotolo system we use has a built-in, multi-stage water purification system, so you can rest assured that your cleanse is done with the purest water possible to get you optimum results.

Will it be messy?

No, we specifically use a closed pressure colon hydrotherapy system because of its meticulous attention to cleanliness and overall hygiene. All waste is released through closed tubing and directly shuttled into the buildings plumbing channels. Everything is kept in this enclosed system, allowing for better sanitation and waste disposal overall, including between clients.

Will I have to go straight home after? Can I go back to work?

You can absolutely go back to work after a colonic. It is a restful, cleansing experience and should leave you feeling refreshed and energized after the procedure. Some clients even report better mental clarity and focus after a session, which is the perfect energy to take back to your everyday life.

Can I get a colonic while on my menstrual cycle?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to get a colonic during your menstrual cycle and it will not interfere at all with your treatment. In fact, colonics in general can help relieve menstrual symptoms such bloating and headaches, and many women experience constipation during their premenstrual phase or during their cycle.

Our Restorative Colonics can also be a wonderful treatment, setting intentions around reconnecting with and listening to your body during this time in your monthly cycle, identifying patterns of stress and tension that crop up exclusively during menstruation, and helping you to release and relieve them.

Can I get a colonic during pregnancy?

Colonics are only indicated during the second trimester of pregnancy. They are often very helpful for women at this time due to the increasing constipation issues due to hormone activity and quantity of food being eaten.

How many colonics will I need?

At Radiance Health Center we let your body guide our treatments, and so there is no generic formula for how many colonics you might need. Our unique, restorative colonics are extremely effective, and based on your health goals and how you respond to your first session, we can make recommendations on how many colonics you might require.

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