Post-Session Recommendations

All of our services at Radiance Health Center are designed to support and detoxify your body, mind, and spirit. To maximize the results of your session, we have assembled a list of follow-up tips for continued benefits long past your time in the office.


It is our hope that you leave your colon hydrotherapy session feeling lighter and much more energized than before. The removal of waste material that has been burdening your system can leave behind incredible feelings of physical space and deep peace.

To maintain these feelings and ease your body back into your normal, everyday routine please follow these steps after your colonic.

1) Diet. Diet is a key factor in maximizing the benefits of your colonic. Eat lightly for the 24 hours following your colonic from the recommended foods list below. Chew well, and avoid foods that are difficult to digest or contain ingredients that may contribute to digestive problems and gut microbiome imbalances.

2) Expect a slight delay in bowel movements. It is very common to have a slight delay in bowel movements for a few days following a colonic. This should be followed by easier, more frequent eliminations.

3) Take probiotic supplements. While not necessary, it is never a bad idea to seed your colon with a high quality probiotic after your session. While a colonic will wash away harmful bacteria in your gut, it may also wash away some of the beneficial gut flora that contribute to your overall health. This is unavoidable, and represents a fantastic opportunity to rebalance your gut microbiome. We recommend you take a high quality probiotic to restore your good gut bacteria and crowd out any unhealthy strains left lingering.

4) Drink lemon water. Lemon water has an alkalizing effect on the body, which assists with detoxification and can actually boost metabolism, so drink as much lemon water as you like in the days following a colonic. Squeeze ½ – 1 whole lemon in 12 oz. water for the most health benefits. (Bottled lemon juice often contains preservatives or additives that can add to your toxic load.)

5) Take epsom salt baths. Epsom salts can help pull toxins from your body, assisting your body in detoxification. Run a hot bath, add 1-2 cups Epsom salts to your hot bath water, and soak for at least 20 minutes to get the full therapeutic benefits of the Epsom salts. This is a wonderful, relaxing treatment that can help if you’re feeling sluggish, fatigued, sore, or achy after a colonic.

6) Use Castor Oil Packs for optimal digestion. Castor oil packs have been used for many years and can help break up fecal matter in the large intestines and promote peristalsis, further supporting your colon after a colonic. To make a castor oil pack, buy any cold-pressed castor oil and a piece of flannel. Soak the flannel with a generous amount of castor oil and place over the abdomen. Place a piece of plastic wrap and then a hot water bottle or heating pad over top for 35-45 minutes at a time, every other day for one week.


Green Juice – high quality, locally made, cold pressed, organic
Aloe vera juice diluted in water
Apple cider vinegar diluted in water
Coconut water
High quality water – spring, alkaline, filtered
Chamomile, peppermint and ginger teas

Smoothie – low sugar
Raw or cooked organic vegetables depending on your ability to digest (salad, steamed)
Green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, mustard greens)
Colorful vegetables and fruits (raspberries, blackberries, orange/red peppers, yams)
Miso soup, organic vegetable soups, bean soups
Small amount of nuts and seeds (soaked)
Sweet potato, winter squash
Whole grains (brown rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth)
Fish and free-range poultry
Foods that are more alkaline

Quickly — eat slow and chew well
A big complicated meal – keep it simple
Hard to digest animal proteins like beef, seafood, dairy
Pizza or pasta
Highly processed and fast foods
Carbonated drinks
Coffee or chocolate
Handfuls of nuts or seeds
Fatty and fried foods
White flour or gluten products – bread, cookies, cakes, pastries
Ice cream
Refined sugar
Foods that are acidic


An ozone sauna can increase your antioxidants, boost the immune system, and increase tissue oxygenation for incredible overall health benefits. To make the most of your ozone sauna, please do the following after your session:

1) Hydrate. During an ozone sauna you will lose a lot of water via sweating, so you should drink plenty of water after your session to rehydrate and support your newly-activated immune system. We also encourage the use of electrolytes and minerals post-sauna as these are released in your sweat and you may become depleted.

2) Bring loose fitting clothes. You may still sweat a little after your session, so we recommend you bring loose fitting clothing you can easily slip into, and will be comfortable in while you transition back to your day.

3) Shower within 1-2 hours of your sauna. During an ozone sauna, you release toxins through your sweat, and they can linger on your skin and reabsorb through your pores if you do not shower after your session. While there is speculation that the ozone that remains on your skin and in the lipid layer is still active for a few hours after your session, there is no research to prove this. We recommend using an all-natural soap as commercial soaps can leave films on your skin and contribute to toxic overload.

4) Watch for any signs of irritation or discomfort. After an ozone sauna your immune system will be in a temporary state of high activation. This should subside in about an hour. However, while rare, ozone allergies and sensitivities do exist and often show up as a rash or irritation around the site of insufflation. Accidental ozone inhalation may also lead to minor symptoms like the burning of your eyes, coughing, nausea, or a mild headache. We recommend remaining watchful in case you develop any signs of irritation in the 48 hours following your sauna session.

It is possible that you may experience a die-off reaction after using an ozone sauna. Please refer to our section on dealing with Herxheimer reactions for recommendations specific to die-off reactions.


Designed to move lymphatic fluid and stimulate the immune system, a lymphatic massage should leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Please follow these steps post-massage to support your body’s continued detoxification.

1) Take a few minutes to relax on the table before you leave. Lymphatic massage is a more meditative form of bodywork and giving yourself the time to return to the world is important. Rushing off too quickly can leave you feeling ungrounded and unsettled. Take a few minutes to yourself to come back to your body in your own time. Your body and mind will both thank you.

2) Allow yourself time to rest. A lymphatic massage can leave you feeling exhausted as your lymph starts to flow and your body starts eliminating lingering toxins. We highly recommend you, at the least, have an undemanding schedule for the rest of the day following your appointment, as your body may be engaged in a healing process.

3) Hydrate. Lymphatic massage can release toxins and other waste that have been lingering in the body, and proper hydration is essential to help your body flush and eliminate those toxins. Drink 2 litres (64 oz) of water in the 4 hours following your massage to help support your body’s continued healing.

It is possible that you may experience a die-off/detox reaction after a lymphatic massage. Please refer to our section on dealing with Herxheimer reactions for recommendations specific to die-off reactions.


A Herxheimer reaction — also called a die-off reaction, or “healing crisis” — can be a misunderstood and uncomfortable experience if you’re not prepared for it, but is not a cause for alarm.

It is normal, natural, and a sign that something profound is happening under the surface.

When your body starts killing off harmful pathogens, molds, and bacteria, they release endotoxins. These endotoxins, along with other toxic wastes, heavy metals, and/or cellular debris your body has released during treatment, can overwhelm your natural detoxification pathways, leading to headaches, fatigue, and other flu-like symptoms, in what is called a Herxheimer reaction. It is a transient experience and symptoms usually resolve on their own in a few days.

This reaction is actually a very positive sign that your body is properly eliminating toxins and is beginning to heal from the inside out.

Symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction include:

  • Headaches and brain fog
  • Lethargy and general fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • General inflammation
  • Low-grade fever and/or chills
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Skin rashes and irritation
  • Nausea and bloating
  • Diarrhea or constipation

Most clients of Radiance Health Clinic do not experience die-off reactions, however those who do report that their symptoms typically resolve on their own within 12-24 hours and do not require intervention, aside from hydration and rest.

The faster your body eliminates the excess endotoxins and other waste materials from your body, the sooner you will start to feel your natural vitality return. In fact, it is not uncommon to feel even better than you did prior to the treatment as your immune system starts cleansing these harmful substances from your body.

In order to minimize the chance that you will experience a Herxheimer reaction, and speed your recovery should you develop one, we recommend you take the following precautions:

1) Hydrate. Drink plenty of water both before and after your appointment. This is especially important for Ozone Sauna sessions and Lymphatic Massage treatments. Dehydration impairs your body’s ability to flush out toxins and expel waste products, which can intensify and prolong die-off reactions.

2) Rest. We highly recommend you go slow and be gentle for a few days following an appointment. Also allow time to rest and ease back into your day after an appointment. This gives your body more space to process any released toxins and more time to heal. Jumping back into a busy work day or pushing yourself too hard can take precious resources away from detoxification and slow the healing process.

3) Take Epsom Salt baths. Epsom salt baths help increase circulation and draw toxins out of the body, and can reduce aches and pains associated with detoxification and die-off reactions. Make sure you dissolve at least 1-2 cups of epsom salts in your bathwater to get the full therapeutic benefits.

4) Use other natural, topical treatments if needed to ease symptoms. Soaking in an oatmeal bath is a well known way to soothe itching and relieve rashes. Cold compresses can help relieve muscle aches and fevers. Magnesium citrate to make sure the bowels are moving 2-3x/day.

5) We always encourage a more natural approach to healing and letting the body find it’s own resilience, however over the counter medications like Aleve and Advil can be used if needed. They put additional stress on your detoxification and elimination pathways, and as such we recommend avoiding them if at all possible.

Following these recommendations may help you mitigate and even avoid die-off symptoms after your treatment, as your body does its most powerful work and heals you from the inside out.

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